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A Story by Brian James.


I thought it might be of interest to my readers to gain an insight into the world of words and pictures and how they are brought together for publication.

Throughout my career it has been my privilege to work with the best and most talented writers and journalists in the business. One such man is my friend and colleague Brian James who has kindly agreed to contribute this article to my Blog.


Children of Ionaseni 1993

 Whenever the men and women who produce our newspapers and magazines get together someone is bound to say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Then the fighting breaks out. Yet as a wordsmith I had been made – reluctantly – to accept that this COULD be right. With a cameraman I’d been sent on assignment to a primitive village on the Romanian boarder with Moldova. We knew we had found the right place — by the stench from 50 yards away. Inside a gaunt old building scores of half clothed Continue reading