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Film V SD cards

roll 0f 35mm film with SD card

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Film size..

A little bit of trivia. If I take a roll of 35mm film from it’s carton, how many SD cards can I get in to the carton to replace it ? This came to mind the other day when I discovered a 5 roll pack of Fuji Superia X-Tra, ISO 400, tucked away in a cupboard. The use by date is July 2008 so 5 years out of date, well as far as I know it’s been in the cool and dark so maybe I’ll try a roll in my Nikon F80 and see how it looks. Continue reading

My tip of the week.

Memory Cards

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In my Nikon D7000 there are two memory card slots both SD. In slot number 1 at the top is the card that records my still pictures. In this slot I only ever use a 2GB card or at most a 4GB one. I know it’s probably a bit old fashioned but I am always cautious. Large memory cards hold thousands of photographs. If the card corrupts, if you lose the card or your camera gets stolen there go all your pictures.

In slot number 2, which is the lower slot I keep a 64GB SD card and this is set automatically just to record video.

If you spread your shoots across several cards your spreading the risk.