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Seize the moment !

Evening traffic on Wanstead High Street

Evening traffic on Wanstead High Street

Always carry a camera, there’s really no excuse these days. Approximately 93% of the UK population have a mobile ‘phone and there’s every chance most of those ‘phones have a camera. It’s said that the best camera in the world is the one you have with you at the time, so your ‘phone is fine. If you are serious about your photography there’s really no excuse.

I took this picture one evening on my way home from the Gallery. It’s actually taken from a car, I wasn’t driving, and shot through the windscreen. It first appeared on my blog Wanstead Daily Photo and received comment from both France and America, here’s what I wrote at the time.

“I shot this picture yesterday evening on my way home from the Gallery. I was in stationary traffic near The George pub.No particular reason for taking the picture except that I was really  drawn by the colours, lights and reflections of the traffic, it made me think of chaos. It was just a gut feeling. One of those moments in photography when it all comes together in front of you with very little time to think so you just react. As I often say ‘not everyones cup of tea but I like it…’

I am always telling student or anyone who will listen for that matter “always think your picture through’. Decide on the angle, the lens, the light, landscape or upright, I have books filled with notes, sketches and diagrams for every shoot, it’s kind of one of my rules. Rules however are made to be broken and this is a prime example where I just went with my gut feeling…

Most importantly you will see from the technical info below that I used my  Leica for this picture but I could just as easily used my ‘phone!

Technical info: Leica D Lux 6 camera with an ISO of 200. The shutter speed was 1/5th of a second handheld and the aperture was f2.3. The focal length was appx 75mm (35mm equivalent). Normally photographing with a shutter speed of 1/5th of a second would produce camera shake, however with a little care and the D Lux’s built in VR it was manageable, it’s always worth trying..

The power of the close up

Close up photograph of a pelican

World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

I was walking through St.James’ Park near Westminster in London the other day with some of our students. The pelicans who have made themselves at home, were sitting very close to the path next to the railings around the lake. Lots of tourists were taking pictures with their cameras and iPhones. Moving between the students giving them advice, I thought it would be interesting to do a really close-up picture of a pelicans head to show them what could be achieved. After all, it’s not everyday you get the chance.

Crouching down Continue reading

Going up..

LR L1000173 copy

World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

I took this picture while I was teaching a night workshop on the south side of the river last year. We were working around Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market, the students were getting some great shots. I managed to grab this while moving between groups. As you will have guessed the building on the right of the picture is The Shard, obviously what appealed to me was the arrow of the ‘one way street’ pointing up as well. I think having a little of the Cathedral with its old stone creeping in on the right hand side provides a nice contrast as well. It was quite a difficult picture to compose, there wasn’t a lot of room to manoeuvre to get everything in. I ended up using a wide angle lens to make it work, worth the effort I think.

Technical info: Leica D Lux 6, 24 to 90mm zoom (35mm equivalent) at 24mm. The exposure was 1/250th of a second at f1.4, the ISO was 800.


Old London…

LR L1000673 copy

World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

This is the sort of picture I really like, it can be a photograph, drawing or painting I really don’t mind. With strong rich colours, lots of atmosphere and mood, I’d be happy to hang this particular photograph on my wall. I took this picture in Ezra Street just of Columbia Road in the East End at dusk, I was driving when I spotted the reflection of the street lamp in the window, and of course I just couldn’t resist it. To me It’s a pretty timeless image , apart from the fact the street light is now electric, it could have been taken twenty, fifty or perhaps even a hundred years ago. I just love finding a bit of old London that hasn’t changed.

Technical info: Leica D Lux 6 with 24 to 90mm lens (35mm equivalent) at 90mm handheld. The exposure was 1/50th of a second at an aperture of f2.2, the ISO was 400.

Please check out my other blog at www.wansteaddailyphoto.blogspot.com for Wanstead photograph.

Please check out my other blog at www.wansteaddailyphoto.blogspot.com for Wanstead photograph