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Old Jewish Soup Kitchen – How I achieved this panoramic photograph.

Old Jewish Soup Kitchen. Spitalfields

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson РAll rights reserved.

I really like the stonework on the front of this building. It’s was the old Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor in Brune Street, Spitalfields. It doesn’t matter what time of day or the weather, black and white or colour it always makes a good photograph. The mood of the stonework seems to change with the light.

Opened in 1902 it looked after and fed the less fortunate of the community¬†with bread and soup. It was feeding over 4000 people per day at one stage, as late as the 1950’s it was still feeding over 1000.

The building now has been turned into apartments but the facade has been preserved and I believe is listed. I put my Continue reading