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Is this really 1910?

Mr Selfridge

World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

You could be forgiven for thinking that these photographs were taken in 1909 or around that time. The way the people in the pictures are dressed, the cars and horse and cart it all looks very authentic just like the 1900’s, in fact I shot them earlier this week at Arnold Circus in East London. I happened to be in the area when I came across this wonderful set for a new series of ‘Mr. Selfridge’ in production by ITV and PBS television in America. In case you don’t know it’s about Harry Selfridge an American who founded Selfridge & Co one of the largest department stores in Oxford Street, London. The lead role is played by Manhatten born actor Jeremy Piven. It was a great series first time around and I am sure this one when it airs will be just as good. A big budget television series or film always seems to require an endless amount of people and a huge amount of equipment and this one was no exception. I have to say though it was worth all the effort, they did a remarkable job of recreating the period. It makes my 8 or 9 cases of gear that I take on location look very modest. This area Calvert Avenue and Arnold Circus are popular with film and television companies, I imagine it has changed very little since the day it was built. It’s always worth carrying your camera you never know what you are going to come across.

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Technical info: Nikon D7000 camera handheld in Aperture priority mode with a Nikon 17/55mm F2.8 zoom. The ISO was 400. The shutter speed and aperture varied picture to picture. The post production was done in Photoshop CS5