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The perils of travel photography

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The perils of travel photography..

Ok, so this has just happened. A photographer that I know had been cleaning his equipment and packing for a long trip, he started with his camera bodies and then moved on to this lenses. Unfortunately,  the container with his sun screen is the same colour and size as his lens cleaning fluid, you can guess the rest. At least his lens doesn’t have to worry about getting sunburnt.

Always double check everything. When I clean my lenses I only ever spray the cleaner into a microfibre cloth never directly onto the glass.



My tip of the week

My tip for the day

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.


I have ceased to be surprised by the number of people that carry their camera in an ordinary shopping bag. One lady I met carried hers in a plastic carrier bag from a very posh shop, maybe she wanted to avoid being recognised as a photographer but didn’t mind being recognised as a world class shopper.

It’s really worth spending some money on a decent bag. I use Lowepro and I have to say they perform really well. In fact I have never worn one out. There are however, many other makes on the market and you should check around to see what is the most practical and comfortable for you. Just make sure you buy something that is well padded inside to stop the gear knocking together and has some protection from the elements. It’s money well spent, a decent bag will last you for years and prolong the life of your equipment.