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Photographing the Olympics

You may have read the post on this site back in December last year about the death of Monte Fresco. Monte was the Daily Mirror’s chief sports photographer. I mentioned in that story how the job of sports photographer is now commonplace but how it was not always so. I can remember a time in ‘Fleet Street’ when there were no more than perhaps four or five, with much less sophisticated cameras than we have now. How times have changed.

LR JS2A3768 copy

World © Darren Gatcum – All rights reserved

My friend Darren, who is a photographer himself, is just entering the world of sports photography. He sent me one of his recent pictures earlier this week, it’s of a Romford Raiders ice hockey player powering along the ice at their home stadium in the Romford Ice Arena. A fitting photograph as the Winter Olympics have just finished.

I’ll let Darren’s e.mail continue the story:

“I’ve been following the sports photographers at the winter Olympics with great interest (together with the competitors). I attach one of my favourite images. As a part time sports photographer, I have made lots of notes and have collected lots of tips from all the sports photographers’ blogs who are at the Winter Olympics. Continue reading