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New Nikon…


© Nikon UK

Nikon D4s announced today. In the shops from 6th March 2014, check out all the spec’s here at Nikon UK. At a shade over £5000, it’ll be interesting to see what users think as and when it becomes generally available. Having had a chance to have a brief look at the specs, particularly the video aspect, I think this will give the Canon 1DX a run for it’s money.

For Shooters and shows…

Nikon has announced the development of the D4s, an HD SLR. Will the high ISO be better than the D3 though? Unfortunately, I can’t see it being ready for the Photography Show at the NEC on the 1st to 4th March. Will it be a tweak or a major step forward ? We wait with baited breath. Also, if you happen to be near Las Vegas this week it’s the annual CES Show, 7th to 10th Jan, more cameras and electronics than you ever dreamed of! All the big manufacturers show there. Why do they hold the show after Christmas when it’s to late to add any goodies to the Father Christmas list?

Leica photography competition closes soon..

2014, one hundred years of Leica photography.

To celebrate 100 years of Leica photography the company is doubling the value of the cash prize for it’s international photography competition. The Leica Oskar Barnack Award for this year, 2014, will be 10,000 euros plus Leica M equipment with a value of a further 10,000 euros. In addition there will be an ‘emerging talent’ competition for those under 25 with a cash prize of 5000 euros plus a camera and lens.

The judging will take place in the spring of this year, the winner being selected by an international jury of experts.

Details of this competition can be found on the Leica website together with this tribute to Oskar Barnack “With this competition, Leica Camera AG pays homage to Oskar Barnack (1879-1936), who invented the Ur-Leica in 1914. From then on, he increasingly used his prototype, which became the forefather of the handy and mobile Leica cameras that first appeared in 1925 and paved the way for entirely new forms of photographic expression, for example, photojournalism.”



The future is here…almost

I am writing this on Sunday 29th December having just watch the technology programme ‘Click’ on BBC television. One of the stories featured a Sony mobile telephone with a 20 megapixel camera, not unusual you may think bearing in mind the rate that technology progresses these days. What grabbed me was an additional lens for the ‘phone. I don’t think it’s interchangeable in the conventional sense as we photographers understand it but it did appear to fit onto the telephone body, what’s more it looked like a very handy zoom. It gets even more interesting because the lens contains the ‘camera’ workings as well, it doesn’t have to be attached to the ‘phone to take pictures. It can be up to 10 metres away, is connected by wi-fi and can send the image back to the phone. As I said back on the 16th of November “how long I wonder before it’s a complete reversal, a camera that lets you make calls, perhaps it’s out there somewhere”       Another step nearer ?

Just Monte…

I was saddened to learn recently of the sad passing of Monte Fresco who died aged 77.

The job, specialist sports photographer is quite commonplace now. I imagine all the national newspapers have a photographer dedicated to sport and there are of course picture agencies who cover just that field. It was not always so. Continue reading