Geoff Wilkinson

Over his 40 year career as a photojournalist, Geoff has produced outstanding news shots and portraits of some of the biggest names in show business. He has worked for top publications around the globe including Time Life “People” Magazine in New York and the Mail on Sunday “YOU” Magazine. His work has also appeared in Vogue, Elle, Paris Match and many other prestigious magazines and newspapers all over the world.

Geoff’s work has taken him to more than 40  countries  and  has been  as  diverse  as  photographing  wildlife  in Africa,   organic produce in the UK and various conflicts around the globe. He won the prestigious Cudlipp Award at the Sunday Mirror for his coverage of major historical 20th Century news events and he was twice awarded Feature Photographer of the Year for “You” magazine the Mail on Sunday.

While continuing to work for publications such as Olive and Good Food magazine, Geoff shares his photography expertise with enthusiasts by running workshops at his London Photographic Gallery. He has also produced a simple photographic E book which can be downloaded at amazon