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As I have often said, I’m not really enthusiastic about cars, if they go forward, backwards and hopefully stop I’m happy. Occasionally something catches my eye it’s usually to do with design and style more than engine size etc.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we had the Wanstead Festival on Christchurch Green, I ducked out from the Gallery for an hour and had a wander around with my camera. It was a great day with lots going on. There I met the gentleman in the picture above. Michael Nicholls was there with his wonderful rare black Steadman TS100 car, talk about style this car has it in spades with it’s gleaming bodywork and fabulous chrome glistening in the sunshine. Only 28 of these Jaguar/Ottercraft cars were ever built and Michael the club secretary of The Steadman TS100 Enthusiasts Club knows the whereabouts of around twenty so wherever you are in the world if you think you know the whereabouts of another please contact him via the clubs website at Steadman TS100

I’m not going to go into any technical aspects, putting in petrol in a car is about my limit, but if you are interested in cars then do check out the Steadman website by clicking on this link – Steadman TS100.

Happy motoring and I hope you enjoy the pictures below…








All pictures world © Geoff Wilkinson/ All rights reserved


Half moon looms large over Wanstead

World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

Spent an evening in The Queen Elizabeth Park Stratford last night, got some pretty neat pictures. However as I left Wanstead Station as you can see there was a beautiful ‘half moon’ hanging low in the sky which I just couldn’t resist photographing. You may recognise the footbridge in the picture as well, its one of my favourite locations in Wanstead for photographing the evening sky…

Wanstead Daily Photo – a readers picture….

Sunflower in Wanstead High Street with W12 bus in the background.

World © Theresa Hardy

Wanstead resident Theresa Hardy sent me the above picture, I quite like it. Theresa took the picture use the camera on her ‘phone. Sunflowers growing in a High Street are a little unusual in London I suspect. If you are in the South of France it may be a common sight. The point I want to make is that Theresa spotted the potential in an everyday scene that hundreds of people walk past everyday. It’s one of the things I’m always going on about with regard to photography, it is really about looking and recognising the potential in a scene.

To Wanstead residents Theresa’s picture tells a story, our familiar High Street complete with our local bus plus the bonus of the sunflowers…well spotted Theresa just show you don’t have to go to exotic locations to make a picture..