A great evening..

I had the pleasure last night of talking to the Chingford Photographic Society, a really good local club. There was good turnout and I have to say they provided excellent tea and biscuits during the break. I ran through a brief history of my career but mainly focused on showing some of my photographs that I have taken over the years  for YOU magazine, London and PEOPLE magazine, New York. Mostly they were from my portfolio collection and included Sophia Loren, Bryan Ferry, Tont Bennet and a host of others. I really enjoy giving these talks, I’m happy to chat about my experiences and techniques.

Next month I’m talking at the Woodford and Wanstead Photographic Society, it’s my local club, I’m looking forward to another great evening..

2 thoughts on “A great evening..

  1. Jan rose

    I am a member of the Chingford Photographic Society, and would like to say thank you for an enjoyable evening, you have some great photos.

    1. gtw@dircon.co.uk Post author

      It was my pleasure, I really enjoyed meeting your club and as you probably realise I love talking about photography. I hope to visit you again.


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