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Baby gorilla

Christopher the baby gorilla. Picture World © Maxine Lister – All rights reserved

I first met Maxine when she spent a day with me on a one to one workshop. Although she was already taking lovely pictures we spent the day fine tuning and honing her skills with the camera. Her passion for wildlife was obvious from the outset as was her dedication to conservation. Maxine has logged thousands of air miles since our first meeting volunteering at various wildlife conservation charities and NGO’s around the world. She now specialises in wildlife photography with a particular focus not surprisingly on conservation issues. Her aim is to help support charities and NGO’s via her photography, website and blog and to make people in general more aware of the natural world and for them to want help save it. You can find out more about Maxine and see more of her pictures at www.maxinelister.co.uk

The photograph at the top of the page is one of Maxines favourites from her trip to the Cameroon, I’ll let her tell you all about it…


This is one my of my favourite images from my time spent volunteering at Ape Action Africa (AAA) in Cameroon. AAA work to help protect gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates from the bush meat trade that is so prevalent within this country. It is estimated that within ten years there will be no wild gorillas and chimpanzees left in the forest.

Christopher was rescued at just four months of age (he is nine months old in this photo), he was given to an expat couple as a gift and they gave him to Ape Action Africa to look after. It is believed that his mother dropped him whilst fleeing from a farm.

Baby gorillas need round the clock care as they are in danger of becoming ill very easily, the round the clock care happens for around 2 years after that he will be introduced into a gorilla group so that he can the develop his social skills and become as wild a gorillas as he can in a captive environment.

The hope is eventually that the animals within Ape Action Africa will be released back into the forests of Cameroon but finding a safe haven for them is extremely difficult.


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