Holidays and airports…

If you follow my daily blog, Wanstead Daily Photo, you will know that for the last few days I have been posting Spring themed pictures. What comes after Spring? Well Summer of course and what does Summer mean….holidays!

I have spent decades traveling all over the world by aeroplane both for newspapers and magazines. One of the questions I am asked by students and at talks is ‘did you check in your camera bags to go in the hold’, Well no never is the answer, the cameras always traveled with me as hand baggage inside the plane, lights, tripods etc were checked in to go in the hold. I don’t think any airline would let you take eight to ten cases on board as hand baggage. If you carry your camera with you then it’s safe, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the equipment doesn’t show up for a day or so as long as you have your camera you can take a picture..

So when you’r packing for this years holiday don’t pack your camera in your suitcase carry it with you.

In case you need more convincing check out this link to a YouTube video by 01Bowfin which shows how checked bags are handled at some airports. I don’t know at which airport this is filmed at but those poor cases….

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  1. colin murphy

    As i travel quite a bit, as you know getting cameras and bags onto a plane can be a nightmare as size comes into it every time, at the moment im looking for a wheelie case that will fit into the overhead compartments of the correct size, but what i also want is an other bag that attaches to it (hand bag for lenses). an all in one bag that come apart bottom part cameras etc. top half lenses, we are allowed one bag as cabin luggage and a hand bag, so why not and back pack straps that can be hidden.
    im looking


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