The Photography Show

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World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

I paid a visit to The Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham earlier today. I thought going on the last day it would probably be a little quieter, how wrong was I. The guys at The London Camera Exchange told to me that yesterday it had been reported 17,000 people had passed through the hall. Now that’s quite a number and just goes to show how amazingly popular photography is. There were some great deals to be had with the dealers.  and some great shows and talks going on. Was I temped ? I certainly was but I’m not going to say with what at the moment, it’s part of larger plan.

Wondering about the photograph? Well I shot this as we were waiting for the bus from the car park to the exhibition hall. The guy is holding a fold up reflector or diffuser on his way back to the hall, not quite sure why’s it’s not folded up, there is an art to it. Anyway good luck to him getting that on the bus…

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