Saturday morning in Grasse…


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This is the sort of picture that I really like, it’s simple, with interesting subject matter in the camera’s frame against a suitable backdrop and I just happened across it. It was taken one Saturday morning outside a bric-a-brac shop on the Place des Huguenots In Grasse, France.

Mrs W and I had breakfast sitting outside at a small cafe just a few minutes away on the Boulevard du Jeu Ballon, the sun was above the hills, the air was warm and clear and the town was starting to bustle as the market opened. We went for a walk to look at the market and that’s when I saw this little area, it immediately ‘grabbed’ me, it was like looking at a painting without the frame around it, perfect. It’s a pretty timeless scene, it could be any period really, apart from the boarding on the window. If another photographer had chanced across it fifty years ago or an artist a hundred years before that I wouldn’t be surprised.

I wonder if the owner of the shop was aware that they has created such a lovely little ‘vignette’ on the pavement.

It’s not about expensive cameras, it’s just about taking the time to wander and look at the world.

Technical Information: Nikon D80 handheld using a 17/55mm f2.8 Zoom lens at 50mm, the aperture was f3.5 and the shutter speed was 1/250th of a second. The ISO was 100

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