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Tip of the week – getting closer

LR DSC_1138 copy

World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

Interesting stuff last weekend. If you follow me on twitter @GeoffWilkinson7, you will know that while the sun was shining outside and people were sunbathing and barbecuing, I was in my little studio crashing out dozens of still life’s. Actually it was quite a challenging project, lots of things to be photographed ranging from very small to about A4 size. With so many to do how to go about it with the minimum of fuss and lighting changes ? Continue reading

Saturday morning in Grasse…


World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

This is the sort of picture that I really like, it’s simple, with interesting subject matter in the camera’s frame against a suitable backdrop and I just happened across it. It was taken one Saturday morning outside a bric-a-brac shop on the Place des Huguenots In Grasse, France. Continue reading