The glass ceiling..

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Whenever I am passing Borough Market in SE1 I always make a detour into the market to admire the glass roof that covers the fruit,vegetables and traders in the main hall. The market caters for both wholesale and retail and it’s well worth a visit if you are iin the area. It’s surrounded by great coffee shops, pubs, bars and restaurants as well as being very close to Southwark Cathedral and the River Thames. All in all it’s a very interesting area which is why we conduct photography workshops around there.

Back to the glass roof, the metal framework that supports it is a work of art on its own. Girders, supporting arms, vertical, horizontal and curved bars make up a complex spiders web of design that supports the glass. The weather, the time of day all decide on how the glass lets light through. If it’s sunny the glass is almost invisible allowing shadows from the ironwork to fall onto the floor of the market, on overcast days the light it transmits is soft and gentle. At night the glass seems to change colour picking up the colours of artificial light from surrounding buildings.

This particular photograph was taken during the afternoon on an overcast day, this allowed the ironwork to show clearly without any distraction. It’s only a simple picture but the intricate shape of the ironwork in silhouette makes for an interesting almost abstract design.

Technical info: Leica D Lux 6 with 24 to 90mm zoom lens (35mm equivalent) at 90mm. The exposure was 1/400th of a second with an aperture of f2.3, the ISO was 800. The post production was done on my iPad using iPhoto, a bit of an experiment I have to say.

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