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If you know me you will have learnt that I like to do as mach as is possible in camera rather than rely on Photoshop. Although it’s a great programme and we use it every day in the Gallery I do like to sort things out as I shoot if possible.

This photograph of Southwark Cathedral, London with the restaurant, Fish!, in the foreground definitely needed Photoshop. It was shot on an evening workshop at dusk, to get the exposure correct on the Cathedral the restaurant was underexposed, and vice versa to get the correct exposure on the restaurant the Cathedral was overexposed. I put the picture into Photoshop Bridge and balanced the two out with the sliders ‘fill light’ and ‘recovery’. It worked a treat, i just love shooting at this time of day.

By the way as you can see the restaurant is called Fish! and there’ a ‘plane on the edge of the frame – ‘flying fish’ – may be not!

Technical info: Leica D Lux 6 with a 24/90mm zoom (35mm equivalent) at about 28mm. The exposure was 1/40th of a second at an aperture of f3.5, the ISO was 800. The post production was done in Photoshop 5.5



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