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Let me say straight away, this is not the sharpest photograph in the world. You know what, on this occasion I don’t care too much. This is a ‘ memories’ picture from a great evening.

It was shot in late December on the river Thames. I was with my wife, daughter and a friend on an early evening ‘Christmas cruise’ to celebrate a birthday. It was bitterly cold on the water but fortified by warm punch I ventured onto an outside deck to capture night-time views of London buildings from the river. There were lots of people on board, many tourists of course but also Londoners as well, courting couples wrapped together to keep out the cold, families and single folk all mingling together. Strangers spoke to strangers and they offered to photograph each other with their iPhones, a waitress appeared with hot food and the bar served more hot punch.

With our boat illuminated inside with coloured lights and music playing we passed Big Ben, the City, the Tower of London, the London Eye and much, much more. Some buildings were instantly recognisable others were mysteries, we glimpsed into peoples riverside flats, we saw the outline of Battersea Power Station and wondered once more what would become of it. What a wonderful evening. The picture above was taken at a slow shutter speed from a moving, gently rolling boat who cares if it’s not perfectly sharp. Some photographs are just about memories.

Technical info: Nikon D7000, handheld, with a Nikon f2.8 10/24mm zoom at 10mm. The shutter speed was a 1/5th of a second, hence the camera shake, with an aperture of f3.5. The exposure compensation was -1/3, the ISO was 800, and yes I know I should have pushed the ISO higher thank you.


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