Leica photography competition closes soon..

2014, one hundred years of Leica photography.

To celebrate 100 years of Leica photography the company is doubling the value of the cash prize for it’s international photography competition. The Leica Oskar Barnack Award for this year, 2014, will be 10,000 euros plus Leica M equipment with a value of a further 10,000 euros. In addition there will be an ‘emerging talent’ competition for those under 25 with a cash prize of 5000 euros plus a camera and lens.

The judging will take place in the spring of this year, the winner being selected by an international jury of experts.

Details of this competition can be found on the Leica website together with this tribute to Oskar Barnack “With this competition, Leica Camera AG pays homage to Oskar Barnack (1879-1936), who invented the Ur-Leica in 1914. From then on, he increasingly used his prototype, which became the forefather of the handy and mobile Leica cameras that first appeared in 1925 and paved the way for entirely new forms of photographic expression, for example, photojournalism.”



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