My tip for the week – cold weather and batteries..

Camera battery surrounded by ice

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Cold weather and your battery.. You may well know this but I think it’s worth repeating after recent observations. Camera batteries are not keen on cold weather. I did a night workshop on London’s South Bank a couple of months ago and it was interesting to see how quickly some of the batteries died, especially if not fully charged. If you are going to venture out into the cold weather do make sure your batteries are fully charged, if finances allow it buy a spare and keep that fully charged as well. There is nothing worse than building up your enthusiasm, wrapping up warm, getting off to a flying start with your pictures, then having your camera die of cold. So consider this, when not actually photographing keep your camera inside your coat so that your body warmth helps the battery to maintain its charge. Alternatively, leave the camera outside your coat to avoid the chance of condensation and pop the battery into your pocket to help keep it warm. Back in the day when I shot film I used Mamiya RZ Pro2 camera bodies. These are big medium format cameras. If you are not familiar with them – think Hasselblad but bigger. There was a wonderful accessory, a small container for the battery that could go in your pocket with a lead connecting it to the battery chamber of the camera body. A very clever and useful idea. Most importantly wrap up warm yourself, not only is it important for your safety but if you start to get cold and miserable your photography will suffer.

You will see that I wrapped the end of my Nikon D7000 battery in foil before I did the above picture, no point in chancing it !

Technical info: Leica D Lux 6 handheld, 24 to 90mm zoom (35mm equivalent) at 90mm. The exposure was 1/60th of a second at f2.3. The ISO was 400, the lighting was from a very small torch that clips onto the page of a book !

Text World © Geoff Wilkinson

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