Happy New Year..


Christ Church, Wanstead as seen from the High St looking across Evergreen Field with barbed wire in the foreground.

World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

I took this photograph a few days before Christmas. I had intended to just get a good shot of Christ Church looking across Evergreen Field, Wanstead and that worked successfully. However, as I stood reassessing as I usually do after the first photograph, I was drawn by the three strands of barbed wire across the top of the fence. For some unknown reason it stirred memories and emotions of less hospitable places and camps that I have been to in my career. Maybe it was the time of year with everyone getting ready for Christmas, I’m not sure. How lucky we are to live where we do, lets bear that in mind for 2014.

This photograph also appears today on Wanstead Daily Photo.

Technical info: Leica D Lux 6 with 24 to 90mm zoom (35mm equivalent) at 24mm handheld. The exposure was 1/125th of a second at f8, the ISO was 200.

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