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My tip for the week – The mighty tripod

Camera and hammer

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The mighty tripod…

Here’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed a couple of times recently watching photographers taking pictures at night, they were not my students I hasten to add.

As you probably know photographing at night generally involves long exposures, too long to handhold, a tripod is essential for sharp results. On both occasions the photographers concerned had reasonable medium sized tripods with DSLR’s mounted, so far so good you might say, then their good practice started to fall apart. Lulled into a false sense of security by their tripods both photographers started stabbing down on their respective shutter buttons like they were hammering in nails. Whoa.

Even with your camera on tripod you can still get camera shake by pushing down to heavily on the shutter button. Do the sensible thing, for a few pounds you can buy a remote release connected either by  cable or infrared  to fire the shutter on your camera. By doing this you won’t physically be touching the camera, alternatively you can use the camera’s built in self timer to fire the camera, either way much less chance of camera shake. Now if only I can remember not to kick the tripod during those long exposures.