A little window shopping …

A little window shopping

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

If your a photographer it doesn’t hurt to be a little nosy, if fact it’s almost prerequisite, to put it more politely, be curious. By this I mean do a little window gazing as you wander the streets, if you were shopping you are probably doing it all the time. Kind of think of it as window shopping but with a camera, the bonus is of course you are not going to spend any money.

I took these two photographs in Spitalfields, the first one ‘Give racism the boot’ was in the window of a shop selling boots. I liked the sign but I didn’t want to fill the frame with it, I wanted to give it a sense of location. I plugged on the Nikon 10/24mm zoom. There was a bit of a problem with my own reflection in the window which I didn’t want, I moved really close and changed my angle until it disappeared. Bear in mind if you are going to photograph in front of a window or glass it helps to wear dark clothing. Having got rid of the reflection I now wanted to make the composition more interesting, I shot from above, looking down and used the peeling widow frame as a ‘frame within a frame’. I deliberately didn’t put any window frame at the top of the picture as I wanted to be able to see inside the shop.

A little window shopping

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

The second photograph was taken of a window in a house. This time I didn’t want to loose the reflections, I wanted it to be part of the picture. This particular window had blue shutters and was very attractive in its own right and I’ll show it to you in another story, but for this shot I wanted to go in close. I spotted the old fashioned figure holding an election sign and the bottles framed by the window pane. It was a good start but I felt it needed a little more to balance out the top half of the frame. I manoeuvred myself so that the camera picked up the reflection of the wavy roofline of the building opposite, I like the way the modern roof and building opposite contrasted with the older feel of the window and it’s inhabitants.

Technical info: both with Nikon D80 camera, handheld, in Aperture priority mode. Lenses were the Nikon f2.8 28/70mm zoom and the Nikon 10/24mm zoom. The ISO for both pictures was 200.

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