Definitely no parking !

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The photograph above is another good illustration of why you should always have a camera with you. I know it’s a hassle sometimes but worst case scenario remember your phone probably has it’s own camera. In fact, how great the camera is on this or that particular model is something that mobile phone manufacturers are really pushing in their television adverts right now,  How long I wonder before it’s a complete reversal, a camera that lets you make calls, perhaps it’s out there somewhere.

Anyway this photograph was taken in Hanbury Street, Spitalfields. It really appeals to me because it’s a bit ‘rough around the edges’. The composition is not perfect, it’s a really hurried shot, not like me at all really, I try to be quite precise with composition and stuff. However, for me the ‘roughness’ suits the picture, litter on the floor, paper cups on graffiti, somehow is just works.

It’s part of the forecourt of a great advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy, As you would expect from such a talented group of creative minds a simple no parking sign would not suffice. It was lunchtime and really busy people passing to and fro. I stood there for a while and surprisingly no one appeared to have spotted the sign.  It’s such an amusing sign that even on a cold November day it should have raised at least one smile, a bad case of tunnel vision all around I’m afraid.

So the motto is as I always say, “keep the technical side simple but work overtime with your brain and eyes and always carry your camera or at least remember your phone”.

Technical info: Nikon D80 camera in Aperture priority mode, handheld, with the 10/24mm Nikon zoom at 10mm. The shutter speed was 1/160th of a second and the Aperture was f4. The ISO was 200

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