The red wall…

Red Wall, Spitalfields

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

I always impress on students when I have photography workshops, especially the basic one that there is always a photograph to be taken. It may be a gloomy overcast day, there might be nothing obvious in front of you but you just have to open your mind, look and even search and you will find. Generally speaking, it has been my experience that photographers tend to think on one plane, it’s easy to get into a niche’, to find something you are comfortable with. If they are out taking landscape picture that’s how they think – landscapes but you should not ignore everything else. When you are so busy setting up your tripod for some glorious vista you may not notice a flower growing at your feet, keep an open mind.

That’s how this photograph came about, it’s from the Spitalfields series, taken on a mid November day. Cold, overcast, grim, the streets weren’t really working for me and it was lunch time I was hungry so my mind was starting to drift towards eating. Standing on the corner of Commercial Street and Hanbury Street I had to think of not just what was happening on the street in front of me but rather look for some texture or colour. The answer was blindingly obvious once I changed my thinking, bright red tiled wall, yellow fire hydrant sign and a grey metal sign, so simple but an image that really leaps off the wall.

Technical info: Nikon D80 handheld, in Aperture priority, with a Nikon 10/24mm zoom lens set at 24mm. The shutter speed was 1/80th of a second and the aperture was f4.5 and the ISO was 200


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