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My Tip for the week – stormy weather

DSC_9098 copyWorld © Words and picture Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

Just because it’s an overcast, stormy day don’t put your camera away. I have taken some really interesting pictures when the weather has been at it’s worst.  Just be careful with your gear unless it’s fully waterproof.

I shot this picture through the windscreen of my car.  The raindrops running down made the lamp post look a bit wobbly and because I used a wide angle lens shooting up the lamp post appears to be leaning in.  This gives the impression of the lamp post being blown over by the storm.

The Magic Hour – How to make buildings look great.

The Water Poet, Spitalfields

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

The most interesting hour for taking pictures of buildings for me is called many things by different photographers.

There is a short period of time at dusk that is perfect for photography. As it gets darker, the lights from a building appear brighter, enough to shine out from the gathering night. This brief period has many names, the golden hour, blue hour, magical hour but Continue reading

Old Jewish Soup Kitchen – How I achieved this panoramic photograph.

Old Jewish Soup Kitchen. Spitalfields

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

I really like the stonework on the front of this building. It’s was the old Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor in Brune Street, Spitalfields. It doesn’t matter what time of day or the weather, black and white or colour it always makes a good photograph. The mood of the stonework seems to change with the light.

Opened in 1902 it looked after and fed the less fortunate of the community with bread and soup. It was feeding over 4000 people per day at one stage, as late as the 1950’s it was still feeding over 1000.

The building now has been turned into apartments but the facade has been preserved and I believe is listed. I put my Continue reading

My tip for the week- How to change the laptop dock.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at  copy

Moving the Dock

In the Gallery, we use an Apple iMac computer but on the move a 13inch laptop. Although it’s convenient for travel the realestate of the laptop screen is quite small. Rather than have the dock at the bottom of the screen I have it running vertically on the left hand side, it just seems to be more convenient especially when working in Photoshop. For those who are unsure how to change the dock position, just go to the apple icon on the top left of the screen and click on ‘Dock’ on the drop down menu. Then go across to the sub-menu and click the left or right hand position whichever is your preference.


Reflection Christ Church Spitalfields

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

If you have been following this blog you will have noticed that so far all the photographs that I have put up have been taken on a Nikon D80. The D80, introduced in 2006 is ancient by today’s standards.  It was the first digital camera I bought, I thinks it’s still a great camera and along with the D7000 I use it all the time.

It has a specific use in my camera bag. Of course the D7000 Continue reading

My tip of the week

The perils of travel photography

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved

The perils of travel photography..

Ok, so this has just happened. A photographer that I know had been cleaning his equipment and packing for a long trip, he started with his camera bodies and then moved on to this lenses. Unfortunately,  the container with his sun screen is the same colour and size as his lens cleaning fluid, you can guess the rest. At least his lens doesn’t have to worry about getting sunburnt.

Always double check everything. When I clean my lenses I only ever spray the cleaner into a microfibre cloth never directly onto the glass.



The red wall…

Red Wall, Spitalfields

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

I always impress on students when I have photography workshops, especially the basic one that there is always a photograph to be taken. It may be a gloomy overcast day, there might be nothing obvious in front of you but you just have to open your mind, look and even search and you will find. Generally speaking, it has been my experience Continue reading

My tip of the week.

Memory Cards

Text and picture World © Geoff Wilkinson – All rights reserved.

In my Nikon D7000 there are two memory card slots both SD. In slot number 1 at the top is the card that records my still pictures. In this slot I only ever use a 2GB card or at most a 4GB one. I know it’s probably a bit old fashioned but I am always cautious. Large memory cards hold thousands of photographs. If the card corrupts, if you lose the card or your camera gets stolen there go all your pictures.

In slot number 2, which is the lower slot I keep a 64GB SD card and this is set automatically just to record video.

If you spread your shoots across several cards your spreading the risk.